Terms Of Use

Your use of the Improve website is subject to the terms of use set out below ('Terms of Use').

In the Terms of Use:

'Content' is the content of the Improve website that is visible through use of a web browser.

'Improve Website' is the Improve website that You are currently using, but does not include websites to which this website has links;

'You' are the user of the Improve website;


Unless indicated otherwise:

  • intellectual property rights subsisting in the Content and the Improve Website are owned by Education Services Australia Limited (ESA);
  • You may use the Content for non-commercial education purposes provided You retain all copyright notices and acknowledgements.
  • You are not permitted to:

    1. adapt the Content for any purposes, whether non-commercial educational or otherwise;
    2. use the Content or the Improve Website or any part of them, for commercial purposes or without the copyright notices and acknowledgements;
    3. do anything with the Content that would infringe the moral rights of the creator of the Content or the Improve Website;
    4. circumvent any Technological Protection Measure (for example a password) or interfere with any Electronic Rights Management Information.

ESA has compiled the Content in good faith and has endeavoured to ensure that all Content is accurate and does not breach any entity's rights at the time of its inclusion. However, the Content may contain unintentional errors and is provided 'as is'.

Where You use the Content in accordance with these Terms, You do not need to comply with the requirements of any statutory licence (for example pay royalties to a copyright collecting society such as Copyright Agency Limited (CAL)) for that Content.


In accessing the Content on the Improve Website, You agree to keep Your password for the Improve Website secret and confidential.

If You have reason to believe that a password is no longer secure (for example, if it has been lost or stolen), You must promptly notify ESA of the problem by sending an email to permissions@esa.edu.au and, where possible, immediately change or arrange for the changing of the password.


The Improve Website contains links to Internet sites:

  • not controlled by ESA ('Non ESA Sites'); and
  • controlled by ESA, for example, Scootle (‘ESA Sites’).

It is Your responsibility to read and comply with any copyright information, notices or conditions of use which apply to Non ESA Sites and ESA Sites.

At the time of development of the Improve Website, ESA reviewed the content on Non ESA Sites. However as content on the Non ESA Sites is not controlled by ESA such content may change over time. If You discover that the content on a Non ESA Site is unexpected or inappropriate for an education audience please contact ESA as soon as possible.

Your access to the Non ESA Sites and use of their content is at Your own risk, and subject to the legal notices and privacy policies of the Non ESA Sites. ESA makes no representations as to, and is not liable for, the Non ESA Sites including, without limitation, the accuracy of, or the intellectual property rights subsisting in or the content of the Non ESA Sites.

Limitation of liability

To the maximum extent lawful, ESA:

  1. excludes all warranties in respect of the Improve Website and the Content; and
  2. is not liable for:

    1. any loss or damage however caused resulting from the use of the Improve Website or the Content; or
    2. any incidental, special or consequential damages of any nature arising from the use of or inability to use the Improve Website or the Content.

Rights and permissions

For all queries relating to permissions, rights and copyright please email the ESA Copyright and Permissions department or contact ESA on +61 3 9207 9600.


ESA respects the privacy of individuals and protects personal information and complies with relevant Australian privacy laws.

‘Personal information’ means any information or opinion about You from which Your identity is apparent or can be reasonably established.

In the process of registration, ESA collects the following information:

  • teacher names and year level;
  • student names;
  • formative test results; and
  • learning objects completed.

ESA will use Your personal information only for the purpose for which it has been collected. Information collected through the registration process for the Improve Website will be used by ESA only for the purposes of:

  • improving the descriptions of the test items;
  • improving the connection of test items to digital resources;
  • informing registered users of updates to the Improve Website
  • tracking the level and range of interest in Improve; and
  • determining usage patterns in order to improve Improve or develop new services

Individual teachers may access reports about their students’ results and their students’ progress through digital resources.

If You believe that the personal information that ESA holds about You is incorrect, please contact ESA at permissions@esa.edu.au and ESA will take reasonable steps to amend that information.

ESA takes reasonable steps to protect the personal information that it holds from misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

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