Release notes

Release - 3 December 2014

  • Parent dashboard - Parents can now create an user account with Improve by teacher’s invitation. The unique parent user account can be used to view all of their child’s results from multiple years
  • Manage student records - Teachers can rollover their students from previous year to a new or existing class
  • Marking - The marking screen has been cleaned up and show only the questions that required marking
  • General system performance improvement - SQL queries for teacher dashboard has been reviewed, the improvement of the loading time has been increased more than 50%
  • Bug fixes

Release - 30 June 2014

  • Mobile-friendly interface for students and parents
  • Class sharing feature which allows classes to be shared between teachers; provides the ability to transfer the ownership of a class to another teacher; and provides the ability to add one or more secondary teachers to manage a class
  • HTML format reports which reduces the report generation time; provides the ability to generate the reports in HTML by default; and also provides the option to download reports in PDF and Excel format
  • General User Interface changes and bug fixes to improve the user experience such as removing the big navigation icons in the dashboard area to increase space for more useful information to be displayed; allowing the user to sort data lists in the dashboard area; and other small improvements to usability
  • Improve search result and retaining filter settings
  • General bug fixes and performance improvement

Release – 15 April 2014

  • Strands – Strands can now be specified when creating a test or question to improve your search results.
  • Removing archived tests – Added ability for you to manage your archived tests.
  • Assign test settings – Configure your test assignment to better fit for your class before the test is being assigned.
  • Internet Explorer 11 – Works better with IE 11.


Release – 17 March 2014

We have enhanced our searching capabilities.

  • Filter search results – Cleaner and easier search filter to enable quicker results when searching for questions and tests.
  • Filter by strand – Search results can now be narrowed to the strand level for all subjects.
  • Has stimulus – New sorting option for finding questions that have stimulus.
  • View by topic – The view questions/tests by topic pages are renewed to boost the link between ScOT topics and Improve questions/tests.
  • Dashboard – A class can now be accessed by selecting the class name, and the 'View assigned test settings' page for printing instructions can be accessed faster.


Release – 31 January 2014

Class management and assessment delivery are streamlined in this release.

  • Classes – Enhanced class management enables faster adding and uploading of students to classes.
  • Test delivery – Streamlined test delivery process is simpler with added flexibility.

Release – 20 December 2013

Our refinements and new features are now completed.

  • Renewed design – Cleaner, easier to navigate and quicker to use interface with centralised login point.
  • Dashboard – Refined menu descriptions and groupings for faster access to your tests and questions.
  • New create test process – Simplified two-step test creation process.
  • Search – Streamlined search facility with flexible filtering options and rapid results.
  • Reports – New Excel report format along with help tips to guide you through report creation.
  • New support section – Fully redesigned support materials.
  • Responsive – The Improve main site and its teacher system are now mobile and tablet friendly!


We hope you enjoy the improvements. If you have any questions, please visit our new support section for FAQs or user guides. Alternatively, chat to our live support team. We are continuously updating Improve and welcome your feedback. Please get in touch with us using the contact us form or join our group in Scootle Community if you are a Scootle user.


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