Improve is closing at the end of 2020.

Assessment has never been simpler!

Improve is an interactive learning tool that supports the advancement of student learning outcomes. Via individually designed portals, teachers, students and parents can make use of the features that are most beneficial to them in our easy-to-navigate environment.


  • Design tests that best meet the needs of your students.
  • Utilise existing tests and questions from the regularly updated collection.
  • Add activities to enhance learning for your students.
  • Follow test progression and completion of activities.
  • View test results immediately.
  • Select reports that provide comprehensive evidence of your students' progress.


  • Discover what a test will involve by completing practice questions before you attempt the test.
  • Navigate the test with fun and easy-to-use screen elements.
  • Complete enjoyable activities chosen by your teacher.
  • See your results as soon as you finish your test.


  • Review your child's test results.
  • Assist your child as they complete activities selected by their teacher.
  • Compare your child's knowledge of the subject before and after completion of the test and activities.
  • Share the challenge and the experience with your child as they engage with this valuable learning tool.
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