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Improve is an online formative assessment tool developed by Education Services Australia for use by education jurisdictions.

The tool assists teachers to easily access and use numeracy, literacy and science test items that are digitally linked to relevant curriculum and learning activities. It allows teachers to capture evidence of students' achievements and provides analysis to inform program development for classes and individual students. It also provides a combination of diagnostic elements that give teachers data about students’ strengths and weaknesses, along with targeted resources to support students to develop skills and knowledge.

Improve leverages the investment of the Australian Government and states and territories in curriculum and assessment resources. It provides teachers with access to digital resources created through The Learning Federation initiative, and the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) and National Assessment Program – Science Literacy test items. While test items and digital curriculum resources have been available to teachers previously, mapping the two is a new approach to effectively using the resources.


To be the leading online formative assessment tool for Australia’s teachers and students


To capture evidence of students’ learning progress and provide corresponding learning resources to improve learning outcomes for student


To effectively enhance teaching and learning outcomes in the classroom by delivering an easy-to-use assessment tool and innovative learning activities

Learning Impact award 2013

Learning Impact award 2013

Improve was the Australian regional winner for the 2013 IMS Learning Impact Awards.


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